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The Virtual Writing Academy is back in session! It’s been a while since I made you all cry. We need to fix that :3

What is the VWA?

The Virtual Writing Academy is a weekly writing class where we explore strange writing exercises. This is NOT a lecture. You are not going to learn by listening— but by doing. So, take out your notebooks because we are going to write!

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Today in biology my teacher talked about how gay people don’t choose to be gay, and he explained in in depth. At the end of his lecture everyone applauded except some kid said “I still hate fags” and my teacher said “and everyone still hates you” the kid sat down and never said another word

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"Taylor Swift songs are meant to be sung aloud in the shower, danced around to in the middle of the street and cried to when you’re home alone with nothing but chocolate ice cream. But above all else, they’re supposed to speak to you.

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